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SE-800 4 Channel Digital / Analogue Mixer / Switcher

Datavideo SE-800 is a four channel audio and video switcher where producers can combine a mix of different SD formats including DV25 (Firewire), Component (Y:U:V), S-Video (Y/C) and Composite video and stereo audio connections (In and Out). Analogue and Digital Inputs can be used in any combination together.

SE-800 provides a combination of DV25 (Firewire), Component (Y:U:V), S-Video (Y/C) Composite video, as well as SDI output. The SE-800 provides a standard Composite Video loop out on each channel, enabling the producer to monitor each input source. SDI overlay is built in for Character Generator Datavideo's CG-100 CG software. 6 Channel stereo mixer with advanced audio delay feature for perfect synchronising between video & audio. Dual channel TBC and 4:2:2 frame synchroniser ensure no genlock is required for flicker free switching or mixing, even with different video formats, e.g. Composite Video and DV Ideal for TV Studios, Outside Broadcast, Conference, Worship and Web Casting applications.

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